A penny for our thoughts?

The Creative Formula for Non-Creatives



C = A + B

Creative equals the sum of two unlike variables, Point A and Point B.

There you have it. The greatest deception in the creative industry is that abstract thought is the guiding element to all things artistic. At PDG+creative, we believe that logic and creative not only co-exist, but enhance the other. 

Not convinced? Let the following examples demonstrate the validity of this argument.

Ex. 1
Throw it back to Mozart. Old Wolfgang is forever remembered as a brilliant musician, but what about mathematical genius? The complexity of his work took him to the hall of fame, not the way he strung pretty notes together.

C = A + B  → Symphony #40 = Music + Math

Ex. 2
Steve Jobs, Apple inventor extraordinaire, became famous for pairing technological advances with suitable creative partners. He took the iPhone's technical capabilities, and upped its standing with the mark of exclusivity

C = A + B  → The iPhone = Technical Ability + Psychology

Maybe you're not Mozart or Steve Jobs, but you're not limited to one side of the brain either. So if your palms start sweating at the sight of a brush and canvas, let the above equation be your silent mantra.




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