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You don’t need another app; you need one single app. A catch-all, if you will. This app needs to do some heavy lifting: documenting your diet plan, grocery list, bursts of creative inspiration, and photos too. PDG+creative has identified several of the best, because we believe every detail matters.


So that you needn't always remember everything at once.
Awesome Notes - $3.99 for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad. Awesome Notes is the dream app for the task-oriented. It functions as an all-in-one organizer, with user-friendly tabs. Each tab is labeled distinctly to separate groceries from your personal diary, or work from your marriage. Every flighty thought can now be tucked away for good, making Awesome Notes pretty awesome.

30/30 - Free for iPhone and iPad. We think this task manager works better than others because it functions on the underlying concept: time is money. 30/30 has built-in timers, notifying you when to move on to your next task. This sets you up to confront your time-management style, identifying where you lose time and where you ought to be investing more. A full hour jogging? Feel the burn of real-time.

Everest - Free for iPhone. Did you check off all the items on your last bucket list or forget you even had one? Fruitless moments of inspiration end here (no pun intended). Everest not only acts as a sanctuary for goals that really matter to you, but it helps you actually work towards your dreams one "to-do" at a time. 

Evernote - Free for iPhone and iPad. For lack of better terms…duh. Evernote is the obvious do-it-all app, allowing you to store notes and images under any notebook label you'd like. Condense scattered recipes and literary essays into two different notebooks, then sync them from your phone to computer (or vice versa). Easy as that.


So maybe you're done with catch-alls, having renounced "multi-purpose anything" for lack of efficiency. We get that too. Here's a list to keep your categories from breaking out of their neat little boxes; we know you hate that.

Current Events

NPR newsFree for iPhone and iPad. If you're the type that craves intellectual stimulation, particularly while performing mundane work or house chores--here's a way to do both. NPR news provides audio articles and a five-minute daily newscast, to update you on all major news highlights, hands-free. Go ahead and sweep the kitchen, fully impressed with your ability to handle a broom alongside big ideas.


HomeBudget with Sync - $4.99 for iPhone and iPad. We've learned to accept that budgeting isn't easy. There are so many loose ends to keep track of; so many unforeseen repairs (who would've guessed you'd get into that fender-bender at Disneyland?). HomeBudget's got your back. With this app taking into account all of your expenses, income, and bills, you might just break even at the end of the month.


MyFitnessPal - Free for iPhone. This little guy stores an impressive archive of brand-specific calorie counts and takes into account the general amount burned during various exercises. As if documenting every piece of food you eat doesn't make you health conscious enough, this app brings you the support of a nutrition-oriented community. If you opt to use this as a social network, friends can encourage you when you haven't logged in for a few days, weeks, months…now that's just embarrassing.


Songza - Free for iPhone and iPad. Nothing is worse than a Phil Collins slow jam throwing off your intensive cardio, yet you can't help but belt out "Your Song" later in the shower. Songza allows you to categorize your music playlist by activity. With Songza, find the perfect beats so you never have to hit the skip button again.


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