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Behind the Brand: Dwight Mission


Dwight Mission Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center asked PDG+creative to redesign their brand identity, taking the Dwight crest into consideration. PDG+creative's strategy was to enhance the meaning of each crest element by means of reduction. Not only was PDG+creative able to simplify the number and overt nature of the crest elements within the logo, but also created it to be incredibly flexible in regards to re-sizes, vertical/horizontal orientations, color, and loss-prevention in print applications.

Behind the Logo

- A cross shape lies within the logo’s negative space, making its presence delicately subtle.
- The feathers honor Dwight’s historical mission to the Western Cherokees.
- The four leaves resemble a butterfly, symbolizing Dwight Mission’s transformational work.
- The open book represents the Bible, central to Dwight Mission’s identity.
- The circular badge encloses all of the elements, signifying the connected, haven of Dwight Mission.

In the former logo, the quantity of elements created division, not reaching its full visual impact on the viewer. With multiple entry points and fewer elements, however, different people can now identify separate aspects of the logo, and still gain a sense of the overall unified message.

To visit Dwight Mission Camp and Conference Center's website, click here.

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