A penny for our thoughts?

Who's the Cutest of Them All?


Since the dawn of time Mom's and Dad's, Grandma's and Grandpa's and the world in general have been under the assumption that their precious child is the cutest, most perfect baby ever born.  This is a very natural occurence and I will admit that I felt the same way with my kids and now my grandkids.  However, in all reality the only parents able to stake this claim were Adam and Eve.  When Cain was born he was, uncontestedly, the cutest baby ever born.  Then Abel came along and was probably even cuter and, well, we all know how that turned out.  However, perhaps, just perhaps your little angel is, indeed, the cutest, most photogenic baby in the Bartlesville area, and, possibly even in NE Oklahoma (and the world).  On top of that, you are so confident of this fact that you choose to enter said gorgeous baby in the Sixth Annual Baby New Year Cover Contest hosted by the bMonthly magazine.    PDG+creative, along with Truity Credit Union, is sponsoring the contest this year and we are looking forward to seeing all the entries and meeting the most adorable baby in NE Oklahoma for 2017.  To find out more details and complete the registration for your beautiful baby, visit the bMonthly website.  

Best of luck to each of you!  The odds are in your favor since my kids are now way too old to enter and my grandkids live in Michigan, otherwise they would totally win.  

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