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When I was given the task of writing a blog for the 2nd Annual Doggie Dash, I quickly assumed that it would be a brief overview of the event that included time, place and a few details of the event along with a link to the website to find out more information.  Boom, done!  Like any decent writer, I wanted to make sure I had the correct details before I began the project, so I emailed a few questions to the organizer of the event, Robbie Haxton.  His response back to me began with, "Hi, Kathy.  I'm never very good at these sorts of things, but I'll take a stab at it."  Excuse me, Mr. Haxton, I would have to disagree with your statement.  Your response to me was very detailed and I could sense the passion you have for this topic through the words you wrote.  I not only immediately realized that there was more to this "Doggie Dash" than I initially assumed, I now want to go and support the program.  So, in the words of Mr. Robbie Haxton, here is the run-down on the 2nd Annual Doggie Dash.

How long has the Bartlesville area been involved in the Doggie Dash?  
"While there are several Doggie Dash events around the country, this one isn't connected with any other.  This is the 2nd year of the Doggie Dash in Bartlesville."

Who does it benefit?
"The Doggie Dash benefits the Animal Rescue Foundation of Bartlesville (ARF) and the Washington County SPCA (WSPCA).  

Why do you personally participate?
My wife is a veterinarian with Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic in Dewey. She had been looking for a way to help out local animal welfare organizations in the area. Since I have been runner for years I am always looking for opportunities to be part of a race. I guess starting one was my way of jumping in with both feet (pun intended?).  2016, our first year, was a success. Everyone had a great time, we raised a lot of money for the welfare organizations and we saw an opportunity to create something magical each year. Since May of 2016 we were able to create Arrowhead Charities, a 501c3 organization, in order to have more giving opportunities."

Where can interested folks go to get more information/sign up to participate?
"Our website is always the easiest place to start: The 5K registration site directly is Our volunteer page is . Our Facebook account is and it offers the Doggie Dash as an event that can be followed."

Can folks sponsor the event without actually participating?
"We have formal Sponsorship levels that businesses and individuals can participate in. Sponsorships will be taken at any time but in order for them to have their logo/name on the event shirt they must contact us by the end of April. Individuals that don't want to participate in the event can make donations on the website or via the race registration site. For a minimum donation individuals can still receive an event shirt."

Robbie's passion for the event really began to shine through when I asked him to send me any other information he would like to have included in this blog.  

We made the decision to move the location for the 2nd annual Doggie Dash.  Last year we utilized the south pathfinder course that starts and ends at the Bartlesville High School. While that course is fun and challenging, there are half a dozen courses that utilize it.  During the winter we designed, measured and certified our very own course.  The race this year will start and end at Lee Lake (across from Lowe's) next to Cooper Dog Park on our newly certified USA Track and Field course.  So, individuals that particpate in the race this year will be part of the inaugural race and hold "Course Records" for at least a year!  Also, we will be the first race in the area (to the best of my knowledge) that will offer a choice in race shirts to each participant.  We have the normal, every day t-shirt as well as the option of a tank top.  I also want to point out that we will be offering 2 dog walks that consist of leisurely strolls around Lee Lake.  One begins at 8:30am and the second at 1:00pm.  The schedule will allow for individuals to take part in the 5k as well as the Dog Walks.  

Since we became a full-fledged non-profit last year, this has opened the door for us to do so much more, and we are!  We originally talked about bringing in some food trucks and possibly a couple vendors to make the Doggie Dash more of an event.  Well...that idea has taken on a life of its own.  On May 20th (overlapping the Doggie Dash), we will have our first annual Canine Carnivale from 8am-3pm to celebrate pets and the people that love them.  What a better way to a shine light than to create an event within an event that brings people together who normally wouldn't attend.  The Carnivale is FREE and open to the public.  We plan to offer a massive vendor area at the Carnivale.  Businessess invited to participate will be pet product vendors, general business promotional booths, flea market vendors, food vendors and anyone else that would like to be part of this all day, family friendly event.  The Carnivale will benefit Cooper Dog Park and vendor application fees will be donated to the park for maintenance.  Doggie Dash spnosors will be invited to set up a promotional booth at the Carinvale in addition to promotional benefits.  

Kudos to Robbie, his wife Erin and the Doggie Dash team!  If you have a love for animals and would like to support this event, I encourage you to take a moment and visit the website for more information.  After all, everyone running will see your name/logo on the back of the t-shirt in front of them, alongside PDG+creative and other supporters.  Unless, of course, they are in first place and then all they can see is a trophy.  If you aren't in the position to sponsor but would still like to help out, you can sign up for a volunteer position here.  Don't miss your opportunity to support this worthwhile organization while enjoying a family friendly event!  I would actually love to participate in the afternoon doggie walk - would someone please loan me a dog?


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