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Kansas City or Bust


BBQ, Country Club Plaza, Power & Light District, Worlds of Fun, The Royals, The Chiefs and PDG+creative.  Just a few of the places that come to mind when you think about Kansas City, MO.  

Wait!?!   PDG+creative is in KC?  When did that happen?

I know, right?!?  Like you, when I found out about PDG expanding to Kansas City, I had many questions, so I sent said questions to PDG Owner, Andrew Oleson and as they say in the media world, here's the scoop...
What made you decide to open a branch office?

  Growth.  Both in terms of of clients and team culture.

Why Kansas City?

Through a few acquaintences I have had the pleasure of making some great connections in KC.  Most recently I was asked to help with the marketing for Rise Fast,  which is a conference that teaches millennials how to grow within their company by bringing value to the place they work.  On top of that, the market in KC is just absolutely exploding.  There are new start ups every day and we have the opportunity to help them grow.  

When is your official start date in KC?

Our soft opening was August 15 and our official opening is set for September 15.  

Do you already have clients in that area?

Yes!  They are definitely a big part of our ability to grow in KC by helping us spread our established reputation through introductions and word of mouth.  Honestly, it's been a bit like a bigger Bartlesville.  The people are very warm - it's refreshing!

Do you plan to hire staff in KC?

Yes.  For sure a couple of sales/account manager positions.  However, our main focus will be to increase our staff in Bartlesville to handle the majority of the workload.

How often do you see yourself going to KC?

At the get go, once a month.  As traffic increases I will need to devote more time there.  

What can we continue to expect from PDG?

This last year has been the most transformative since I began my role in leadership at PDG.  We've completely changed our approach to the way we engage with our clients.  All Access has given us the ability to serve clients in ways we never thought possible.  We will continue to excel and grow.  We are definitely far from perfect, but each day we are presented with challenges and opportunites to learn new lessons and exceed expectations.

Well, there you have it.  After 20+ years in Bartlesville, OK, PDG+creative has expanded its walls to Kansas City, MO!  Stay tuned for more updates as we settle in and don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have.  On September 15th, check out the relaunch of our website and find out more about PDG+creative!  Don't forget to keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook as we begin our journey in KC!  Go Royals!  Go Chiefs!  Go PDG+creative!


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