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PDG+creative wins Bartlesville Small Business of the Year


Exciting things are happening at PDG+creative.


What sort of exciting things? So glad you asked. One of the biggest thrills is that earlier this month, we were named the Small Business of the Year by the Bartlesville Regional Chamber of Commerce during their annual gala. The award also came with special congressional recognition.


So what does that mean?


Every year, the chamber recognizes local people and businesses who make a big difference in our community. To qualify for Small Business of the Year, a company must be independently owned, have fewer than 30 full-time employees, and have been in business for more than 3 years. You must be nominated to even be considered for the award.


Also, according to the chamber, the business will stand out “for their sustainability, job growth, contribution to our local economy, and the overall progress of the Bartlesville area.”


Wow! To know that our community sees those qualities in us is an incredible compliment. We truly are honored.


Andrew Oleson, owner of PDG, called it a humbling experience, particularly because we were nominated by an outside person. To whomever nominated us, thank you. We can’t express how our gratitude.


“I stood on stage with some real legacy giants,” Andrew said. “If those are the shoes I have to fill, it will be tough but it will be rewarding.”


He credits the company’s culture, which values work ethic and quality, along with community involvement. Those qualities have helped us grow, and as we grow, we’re able to do more -- like our Back the Blue campaign for police officers. We are proud to support our community, and are thrilled that our community continues to support us back.


“I’m extremely humbled to be recognized by the community in such a unique way. PDG wouldn’t be where it is without such an incredible team killing it every day,” Andrew said. “They’re the ones the deserve the high fives and recognition.”


Thanks, boss! And thanks to everyone for supporting us, and helping us to win this honor. We’re excited, and we’re already using that excitement to propel us toward the next big thing.


Stay tuned!

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