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PDG wins two Summit Creative Awards


Remember how we just won some awards not too long ago? Well, guess what? 


We won more!


Last month, we won two awards from the Summit International Awards, and we are pretty excited about it. 


Summit International is a U.S.-based organization that conducts judging events to spotlight outstanding marketing by companies and individuals. It is for small and medium-sized agencies, with annual billings below $30 million, and has 86 categories in nine main segments. 


Every category is judged a little bit differently, but Summit said, overall, it grades its Summit Creative Awards on originality, execution and effectiveness. Winning entries are ranked Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Best of Show. 


For this year’s Summit Creative Award, we won two “medals,” one bronze and one silver! 

The bronze medal

First, we got bronze in the Outdoor Campaign for our OKM Festival billboard series, which we created for OK Mozart’s music festival. 


This campaign introduced the new brand for OKM Music, formerly Oklahoma Mozart. They wanted to show they had expanded to a wider array of music. We developed a tagline for the campaign, "It’s More than Classical, it’s OKM Music," and visually reinforced that concept with images of non-classical musicians a jazz player, rock player, etc. We also found some unconventional ways to advertise, like hanging giant banners from their three-story building. 

The silver medal

Second, for Logo Design - Consumer, we won silver for the logo we created for Tactical Male, a men’s care products company. 


Tactical Male is a grooming product designed for men who are also passionate about their Second Amendment rights. In designing the logo, we did a lot of research into who these people are and what different groups of them look like. We kept noticing how many of them had beards. So, rather than overthink it, we designed a logo that looks like a beard comb. 

Andrew Oleson, PDG+creative owner, said it’s a testament to the talent of the team here. 

“I'm so proud of my team. I know the work they do is exceptional, and seeing it put against other agency work, run through the gauntlet and still come out with a win speaks volumes,” he said. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make these awards possible. If you’d like to learn more about our award-winning team, give us a shout. 

In the meantime — stay tuned!

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